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A truly Australian company, igniting future businesses

A proud Australian company since 1900, Caltex’s purpose is to make life easier for our customers.  We aspire to be the market leader in complex supply chains and the evolving convenience marketplace by delivering fuel and other everyday needs of our customers. 

Caltex plays a unique role in providing transport fuels and other everyday needs for our broad range of customers across Australia and New Zealand. Historically, we have adapted to consumer needs from the development of cleaner more efficient fuel options, unmanned fuel stops in remote locations, through to newer initiatives like The Foodary and Fuel Pay. Caltex also plays a key role in servicing small and large businesses across Australia be it in mining, marine, transport or aviation. We do this so effectively through our expertise in managing integrated and complex supply chains particularly in remote locations. We are interested in businesses that help us find news ways and connect with our consumer and business customers. We are looking at things like new modes of transport, food on the go and how we create a frictionless customer experience.

Louise Warner
Executive General Manager Fuels and Infrastructure

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About Caltex

Caltex delivers high-quality fuels, lubricants, services and convenience offerings to our customers through an extensive Australian network of retail and convenience sites, depots and distribution centres. 

We have a long record of adapting to change and investing in new growth opportunities. Last year we introduced a new convenience offer called The Foodary and own a range of complementary businesses including high street convenience brand Nashi, fuel retailer Gull NZ and Seaoil in the Philippines,  and Ampol a shipping and trading entity based in Singapore.

What sets us apart from other fuel and convenience companies in Australia is that we operate independently, with our strategy and direction set here and are listed on the ASX.


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