Should I apply for the Caltex Spark Accelerator?

Absolutely, this is a unique opportunity to collaborate with Caltex and Slingshot. Caltex is open to any idea or business that could help them service and expand their customer base.

We give you access to a large customer who wants you to succeed and is also a potential investor post program. Customers are difficult to acquire and retain so we think this piece that will add more value than any other element of our program.

We provide access to guidance and mentorship from Caltex and industry leading experts. Their role is to support and challenge your team and you will be matched based on personality, industry and acumen.

Selected Startups receive up to $150,000 of investment and the opportunity to secure next round investment from Caltex, the Slingshot Venture Fund and our investment partners. At Demo Day, both Startups and Scaleups have the opportunity to pitch to Caltex, Slingshot and potential investors.

Champions and Partners
Something often overlooked is acquiring great business relationships for your company early. Teams will gain access to Caltex and Slingshot’s extensive partner community including software. You can receive an exclusive package of Spark Accelerator partner offers from industry leading technology companies, valued at over $500,000.

Branding and Media
Caltex and Slingshot will provide your company with branding and marketing support with inclusion in Spark Accelerator media and events.