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Are you already in the market with product fit, customers and investment but want access to a large corporate client to help you scale quickly. Caltex Spark can provide access to millions of customers to help you rapidly increase exposure.

The aim of the Scaleup program is to achieve a commercial agreement with Caltex to take your business proposition or product to the expansive Caltex customer base. You might be a tech business, or have an invention, product or service.

Are you a Scaleup?

Generally, a Scaleup business is one that is a minimum 3 years old with 20% growth year on year. You would already have a product with market fit, customers and investment but want to collaborate with a large corporate to help you scale quickly. The Spark program provides access to Caltex decision makers to help Scaleups grow.

Your eligibility will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Your business aligns to one of the Caltex Spark themes
  • You have an existing customer base with existing revenue
  • Your product is scalable with large markets, users and revenue as a business goal
  • You are capable of delivering a solution to Caltex within three months of commencing the program
  • You have a well-formed, aligned team

What is the potential gain?

Collaboration or commercial agreements with Caltex could include outcomes like investment, running pilots and/or white label products.

  • Access to Caltex executives, decision makers and industry experts
  • Access to Caltex insights and mentoring
  • Mentoring and coaching by some of the industry’s leading experts
  • Access to the program’s additional value provided by our strategic partners and sponsors
  • Access to investors including participation at the Demo Day event with the Startup participants
  • Inclusion in Caltex Spark and Slingshot media and events

How we evaluate a Scaleup application